Er zijn momenteel geen vacatures bij Multipanel UK. Maar omdat het bedrijf snel aan het groeien is, zoeken we vaak naar nieuwe medewerkers. Neem dus snel opnieuw hier een kijkje.

Trainee Maintenance Engineer

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Operations Co-ordinator


  • A co-ordinator's main duty is to coordinate information from various departments and establish a control centre for policies and procedures.
  • A co-ordinator also recommends automation software and can be designated to train office personnel in a department’s software applications that are critical to communications functions.

A systems co-ordinator must know how to communicate effectively with co-workers and employees in other branches concerning policies and procedures in the area of records management, information services and data management. Strong computer skills are a plus given that most of the duties involve data processing.

Salary : £24-28 k pa

Main Duties

Maintain administrative workflow, implementing cost reductions;

• Develop reporting and procedures by analysing operating practices.

• Evaluate personnel and technological requirements; implementing changes.

• Maintain communication with managers and employees by promoting communication solutions.

• Use data from IT systems to evaluate performance and quality and to plan improvements.

• Research and develop new services and methods; setting priorities; resolving problem situations.

• Maintain suggestion system by directing and controlling administrative technical aspects in accordance with management


• Provide information support throughout by answering questions and requests.

• Lead internal process audits.

• Monitor work operations by documenting and communicating actions needed to management.

• Provide guidelines for the management team by developing and implementing administrative policies and procedures.

• Ensure that the day to day projects are up to speed and results meet company expectations.

We are looking for a candidate with:

• Excellent Communication skills, both written and verbal, with a keen eye for detail and a rigorous approach to process


• Proficiency in all Microsoft applications and ability to generate reports and support training when it is needed.

• Ability to communicate with all levels of management

• Strong Leadership styles able to suit different situations and gains commitment from team to ensure an effective service is

provided by working as a team player within the business, supporting all areas of the business where possible.

Engineering Parts Coordinator:

Position Summary

The availability of parts for the optimized running of the production facility is regarded as a critical input factor. The identification of these parts will be an input form the Engineering team and the key function of this position is of a supportive nature i.e. to ensure that the identified spares is managed and controlled accordingly.

The process:

  • Identification of stock spares
  • The sourcing functions
  • The receiving function
  • The stock control function
  • The issuing functions
  • The analysis functions

The candidate

  • Is a detail-oriented individual comfortable with inventory work and the computer analysis of inventories.
  • Must be people-oriented and willing and able to ask suppliers and users questions to ensure their enthusiasm.
  • Rises from similar positions at in production facilities or smaller repair shops.
  • Must have a good insight into effective coordination and compliance systems in general.
  • Must have a working knowledge of inventory control.
  • Must maintain a broad knowledge of the manufacturer’s new and recent products.
  • Must have business savvy, as Parts Availability is an important source of Line reliability.
  • Must be capable of working independently, effectively managing his or her time and work flow.

Qualifications and skills

  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to establish and maintain good relationships with Team
  • Ability to maintain proper parts inventory levels, to do proper posting, and to measure true turns
  • Ability to utilize computers and computer capabilities for inventory, record keeping, parts information, etc.
  • Knowledge of production line systems in general
  • Ability to develop and follow action plans to ensure the effectiveness of parts delivery service.
  • Ability to establish and control inventory system
  • Knowledge of and ability to interpret inventory reports
  • Knowledge of parts pricing procedures
  • Leadership skills, including empowerment, coaching, organizing and planning, and interpersonal sensitivity
  • Work Orientation

Working Conditions

Monday to Friday – 7:30 to 4:30

Overtime – as an exception for stock takes or emergency after hour services.

Leave: 21 days per Annum + Paid Bank Holidays

Package: £18 000 to £24 000 neg